BII Creation House

Three questions and answers

With Hervør Lykke Olsen, Senior Scientific Business Developer at BII

What the program offers

Incubation for 18 months at BII’s offices and labs in Copenhagen

EUR 1.3M risk-free convertible loan

A milestone plan with a clear goal to attract substantial funding

Access to a global network of experts and Venture Capitalists

A dedicated anchor and the support of the BII Business Development team


Creation House is eligible for start-ups within therapeutics, bioindustrials, and health tech. The start-up must have a solid, initial business plan and preliminary proof of concept.

It is a requirement that the company has not received any commercial investments.

Meet a few of the BII Creation House team members

Hervør Lykke Olsen, Senior Scientific Business Developer

Hervør has a Ph.D. in health science from Medicon Valley Academy and a background in ion channels and diabetes research in Novo Nordisk. Hervør has worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Switzerland and brings experience from therapeutics and biotech start-ups.

Giles Dudley, Senior Business Developer

Giles has over 10 years of experience working in the start-up environment. He holds a Ph.D. in virology from the MRC Virology Unit at the University of Glasgow and has previously worked with Sunergos Innovations, Edinburgh Bioquarter, and with a number of seed stage healthcare companies.

Cathrine Nygaard Christensen, Funding Specialist

Cathrine holds a master’s degree in international business communication from Copenhagen Business School. She is an experienced consultant who advises start-ups on funding processes and manages the open call process.


BII’s convertible loan is a risk-free funding opportunity for early-stage start-ups. It leaves the start-up free from repayment in case the company fails. If the company receives a sizeable investment, BII takes equity by converting shares. BII is a non-profit initiative, and the equity from successful companies returns to BII to continuously support early-stage start-ups that can impact society by bringing new solutions to the market.

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