International partnerships

Eight international Venture Capitalists help BII select the most promising start-ups of tomorrow

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Bobby G. Soni, Chief Business Officer at BioInnovation Institute

BII has appointed three international advisory groups of global deal takers to advise on the selection of start-ups for BII’s programs.

Therapeutics Advisory Group

SR One, represented by Biotech Venture Capital Investor Amit Shah

Sofinnova Partners, represented by Managing Partner Henrijette Richter

New Enterprise Associates, represented by Principal Bibhash Mukhopadhyay

Novo Holdings, represented by Partner Emmanuelle Coutanceau

Abingworth, represented by Chairman and Managing Partner Tim Haines

Bioindustrial Advisory Group

Novo Holdings, represented by Principal Thomas Grotkjær

Sofinnova Partners, represented by Partner Michael Krel

Wellington Partners, represented by Senior Associate Arturo Urrios

The March Fund, represented by Founding Partner Harold Schmitz

Health Tech Advisory Group

Sofinnova Partners, represented by Investment Partner Anne Osdoit

Rock Health, represented by CEO & Managing Director Bill Evans

BioVentures Investors, represented by Managing Director Jonathan P. Gertler

Novo Holdings, represented by Senior Partner Robert Ghenchev

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In September 2020, BioInnovation Institute took steps to bring global deal takers even closer to the early-stage start-ups in BII Faculty and the two BII programs, Venture Lab and Creation House.

Three advisory groups have been formed with representatives from the well-renowned, top- tier investors SR One, Sofinnova Partners, New Enterprise Associates, Novo Holdings, Wellington Partners, The March Fund, Rock Health, Abingworth, and BioVentures investors, all of whom carry successful track records of launching and supporting early-stage companies.

“BioInnovation Institute operates as an incubator of early-stage projects and companies that will require further financing to get to the market. By exposing them to potential deal takers from very early in the process, we expect to choose the best positioned projects and start- ups and accelerate their journey for the benefit of people and society,” says Bobby G. Soni, Chief Business Officer at BioInnovation Institute.

As leading venture capitalist firms, the three advisory groups bring international breadth with sector-specific expertise to cover the screening of all open calls as well as grants allocated outside open competition, such as in BII Faculty.

Bill Evans, CEO and Managing Director from Rock Health, has joined the Health Tech Advisory Group:

“It’s exciting to be a part of the team of investors that BII has assembled. Innovation in health and life sciences is now, and always has been, a team sport. It’s a real honor for Rock Health to play a role in the work BII is leading.”
“BII has created an exciting and vibrant incubator to promote the commercialization of innovation in life science. It is encouraging to see that BII has included industrial biotechnology as one of the focus areas and created an environment where start-ups can identify the right problems to solve and grow. The mentoring and support by industry experts, as well as investors, will give entrepreneurs an unmatched start on their journey toward fundraising and commercialization.” Thomas Grotkjær, Principal at Novo Seeds, BII BioIndustrial Advisory Group
“On behalf of the venture capital investor community, I strongly endorse BII’s initiatives to identify and curate top-notch science to a point where biotech start-ups can be built around it and to attract and nurture management talent to Copenhagen. I believe that many of the companies incubated at BII will develop drugs that have a measurable impact on patients, generating economic value and employment that will shine a spotlight on the Scandinavian biotech ecosystem.” Bibhash Mukhopadhyay, Principal at New Enterprise Associates, BII Therapeutics Advisory Group